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Service Protective layer( LOPA)

LO PA-- protective layer analysis is a semi-quantitative risk analysis and assessment tool, usually based on qualitative hazard assessment information, such as hazard and operability analysis (HAZOP), which can also be regarded as the continuation of HAZOP and the further implementation of its analysis results in safety design.

LOPA is used to solve the following problems:


1) how safe is safe enough?

2) what risk reduction measures are needed?

3) how much risk does each protection reduce?

4) is there excessive or insufficient investment and how to avoid it?

5) what SIL level is needed for SIS?


LOPA proposed the method of finding risk and hazard scenario, and compared it with the risk permissible limit to determine whether the existing safety measures are appropriate and whether new safety measures are needed.

LOPA typically approximates scenario risk using the initial event frequency, consequence severity, and order of magnitude of independent protective layer (IPLS) failure frequency, providing risk analysts with a repeatable way to assess the risk of selected accident scenarios.

防护层分析( LOPA)

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