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Management system audit refers to the process of obtaining verifiable evidence objectively, evaluating it and forming documents independently and systematically. In order to determine:Whether the quality, health, safety and environmental management system and its results meet the audit criteria;Whether the management system is implemented and maintained effectively;Whether the management system is suitable for the policies and objectives of health, safety and environment.Determine the adequacy, applicability and effectiveness of the management system.Identify items in the audited party's management system that need improvement.
HSE capability assessment:In order to achieve the essential safety of human beings and eliminate HSE accidents caused by unsafe human factors, scientific theories, methods and procedures are applied to collect relevant data and information to analyze and evaluate the HSE performance capability of managers and operators according to the requirements of HSE performance.Timing of assessment:Before new employees take up the post and before the transfer, promotion or regularObjectives of the assessment:Strengthen the implementation of all safety and environmental responsibilityUnderstand the actual status of employees' HSE performance abilityIdentify common weaknesses in employees' overall HSE capabilitiesIn accordance with the principle of 'what to do, what to learn' and 'w...
ESRS- Enterprise Safety & Sustainability Rating System is a System for measuring, improving and demonstrating health, Safety, environment and business performance of enterprises.The purpose of the assessment and grading is to help enterprises manage risks, promote continuous improvement, and ensure the health of their business processes by applying the best management practices described in the system. At the same time, it can also provide the basis for insurance institutions to take out safety liability insurance, engineering insurance, etc., and provide decision-making and premium basis.ESRS can be used in most industrial fields, especially in energy, petrochemical and power industries.
Explosion-proof electrical equipmentMainly refers to the electrical equipment used in dangerous places, inflammable and explosive places. The commonly used explosion-proof electrical equipment is mainly divided into explosion-proof motors, explosion-proof transformers, explosion-proof switches and explosion-proof lamps.In order to strengthen the management of explosion-proof electrical equipment, put an end to electrical failure, prevent electrical equipment from becoming ignition source, and ensure safe production in explosion-proof places.The management of explosion-proof electrical equipment can be consulted from the following aspects: Selection of explosion-proof equipmentPurchase and acceptance of explosion-proof electrical equipmentScope of procurement managementExplosion mark a...
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