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Date: 2019-07-15
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Engineering construction project contract management system tailored specifically for large engineering construction project management, applicable to the rail, highways, tunnels, Bridges, railway, subway and other projects of the construction of the project management, system with 'cost budget, standardize management' as the core design idea, through the use of advanced computer technology to help enterprises to cover the engineering construction project of business process to conduct a comprehensive combing, specification, plan, calculation, and in the process of the project schedule, cost management for effective control. According to the characteristics of the construction project management, emphasis on basic data, basic business processes, engineering progress, internal control, contract management, project budget, cost estimation, the project cost management, through the rich organic integration of tools and methods and provide throughout the construction industry project management decision-making information needed for the whole process, real-time monitoring of engineering problems in the process of project implementation, realize the data centralized management, reduce unnecessary management link. It realizes the internal production information sharing of enterprises, which can keep abreast of the production related information, improve the control ability and effectively integrate enterprise resources. Help enterprises to create sustainable growth of core competitiveness.

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