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How to improve the management and execution of EPC project

Date: 2019-06-11
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一、 relationship between project execution and company development

Project execution is to determine the long-term development of the company can go on one of the important factors, is the key to the company's core competitiveness formed. According to the actual enterprise development, our company introduced some effective rules and regulations. The sign system of party and government, the collaborative team management method ', 'material centralized purchasing method', the system of project management, etc. These rules and regulations of project management refinement, standardization, procedural, formatted play a huge role in promoting. The project only unswervingly to the system implementation, to avoid the happening of project management irregularities. The development of a company with 40% on planning of the company 60% of the company's project managers rely on the execution ability. Whether the 'execution ability' is in place reflects not only the overall quality of the company, but also the concept, quality and mentality of project management leaders. Therefore, it is imperative to improve the execution ability of the project.

二、Analysis of the factors that affect the execution of the project to improve the execution of the project must be targeted.

     (1) the company system. The importance of system and process in execution. The details of the management work is based on the organization of management details curing process and system, and implementation of security is also comes from the base. When the project managers to implement company plans, often because of the associated system is unreasonable, the drag effect after execution, results, and plan out even larger, finally the manager implementation does not reach the designated position. So, met the need of the actual management system and process, to determine whether the managers ability to execute play a good basic, complete management system and a simple and efficient management process can make managers play Its executive ability in management.

     (2)Diction ability to execute. The execution of project managers in their ability to execute, managers guide subordinates to work as a coach and achieve their goals, and the leader's execution, if does not reach the designated position, management thought and guidance method is not used in the actual management requirements as much as possible, the consequences will be the work of project management and project personnel can not be taken seriously and carry out the execution of the above goals and work plan. The manager's execution, was involved in problem, managers involved in the process of implementation, from tiny link, according to own understanding continuously put forward new problems, and to expose the problems existing in the project, Only by calling on everyone to solve this problem can project managers demonstrate their executive ability. Meanwhile, managers should also understand that team building, planning and process monitoring are things that must be done by themselves.

     (3)The system is the guarantee of execution, when managers often encounter things and people that do not conform to the system in daily management work, there will be a higher level of managers to control your right of execution.

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