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  • Business manager
    Recruiting numbers:0people
    Release time: 2019-07-10


    Job description:

    A is responsible for the development of the company's business, including the maintenance of the old market, development of the new market and other related direct sales matters;

    A. Formulate and implement the sales plan, and conduct post-sales management;

    A is responsible for customer management. Visit customers regularly and irregularly, timely deal with customers' opinions and Suggestions;

    A is responsible for the organization and implementation of project bidding;

    A implement the relevant content of contract management;

    A is responsible for business disclosure with relevant departments of the company;

    A responsible for the organization and implementation of after-sales management related work;

    A is responsible for providing regular feedback to pre-sales engineers on market conditions and customer needs;

    A regularly reports to the general manager about the progress and achievements of the post;

    A. File documents according to company regulations;

    Job requirements:

    A college degree or above, major in marketing or petroleum engineering, chemical technology, mechanical manufacturing, etc.

    A minimum of 3 years sales experience, enterprise level sales experience in online & offline training is preferred;

    A good communication, expression and understanding ability;

    A good interpersonal skills;

    Good execution ability, can cooperate and implement the company's sales policy;


  • Safety (HSE) consultant
    Recruiting numbers:2people
    Release time: 2019-07-10



    A shall be responsible for project planning, implementation plan formulation and specific implementation of HSE consulting service projects, help customers to solve QHSE technical and management problems in production and operation of enterprises, and be responsible for project progress, cost, technology and quality;

    A is responsible for communicating and coordinating various deviations in the execution process of the project, communicating and confirming with customers and the company in time, and adjusting the work plan and schedule of the project;

    After the completion of project a, be responsible for the preparation and publication of project reports, and the sorting and filing of relevant materials.

    Job requirements:

    A college degree or above;

    A major in technology, equipment, automation, electrical, oil and gas storage and transportation, fire engineering, safety engineering, environmental engineering, industrial and civil construction, etc.

    A minimum of 3 years experience in field operation and maintenance of petroleum and natural gas (including pipelines), petrochemical industry, coal chemical industry, fine chemical industry, power generation industry (coal power, nuclear power), or design and construction engineering experience in the above industry;

    A. Rich HSE management experience in production enterprise is preferred;

    A national certified safety engineer, safety evaluator, consulting engineer, supervision engineer, construction engineer, industry HSE consultant, auditor and other relevant professional qualification certificate is preferred;

    A good communication and writing skills;

    A loves consulting industry, good at learning and thinking, good team spirit, logical thinking, logical thinking and executive ability;

    Proficient in Office/WPS and other Office software (World, Excel, PowerPoint, etc.);


  • The driver of the business
    Recruiting numbers:1people
    Release time: 2019-06-11


    1. Age: 28-38 years old, A2 Ben, able to drive a 13-seat medium bus, more than 5 years of practical driving experience, skilled driving skills, familiar with local road conditions;

    2. No bad driving record, no major accident or traffic violation, strong safety awareness;

    3. Understand business reception etiquette and have a certain sense of service;

    Job requirements:

    1. Responsible for picking up the company's foreign affairs and driving for the company leaders;

    2. Responsible for vehicle maintenance, repair and cleaning;

    3. Assisted in handling the company's vehicle insurance, claims and annual inspection;

    4. Assisted in daily administrative affairs.

  • Engineering manager - southern district
    Recruiting numbers:0people
    Release time: 2019-06-11

    Job description:

    1. Responsible for the promotion of engineering process and standards, supervise and manage the use plan of terminal props inventory;

    2. Responsible for construction management, guidance and training of the construction party, and supervise the implementation and implementation of the project;

    3. Responsible for the final settlement and review of the decoration expenses of the regional stores, controlling the budget, settlement costs, project quality and timeliness of the stores;

    4. Responsible for communicating, coordinating, reporting and assisting in dealing with abnormal situations;

    5. Responsible for the whole process tracking, coordination, supervision and management of key stores;

    6. After the completion of the store project, conduct acceptance inspection and issue relevant acceptance report;

    7. Assisted in the revision of decoration technology standards, internal control and process formulation, and supervised the implementation;

    8. Be responsible for the management of construction units, clarify the management requirements for cooperation, and ensure the construction quality and reasonable project cost.


    1. Bachelor degree or above, major in engineering or related field;

    2. More than 5 years of retail engineering management related work experience, more than 2 years of management work experience;

    3. Familiar with the relevant procedures of store decoration project, the knowledge of decoration cost and material application, and the management of decoration project budget and final accounts;

    4. Proficient in design software such as AUTOCAD and office application software;

    5. Have certain negotiation ability, communication and coordination ability, writing ability and engineering training ability;

    6. Hard-working, serious and responsible, good team management ability and teamwork spirit.

  • Online consultant
    Recruiting numbers:0people
    Release time: 2019-06-11

    1. Responsible for the online reception and consultation work of the company's own platform, establishing customers' air-conditioning cognition standard and brand goodwill.

    2. Understand and explore customer needs, pay attention to customer experience, formulate marketing terms according to customer needs, and adjust communication strategies according to reality.

    3. Responsible for the record and management of customer information, constantly improve and optimize customer labels, and timely feed back relevant customer information to the operation team.

    4. Be responsible for online customer guidance and follow-up, cooperate with salesmen to feed back and follow up order information, and improve customer conversion rate.

    5. Responsible for handling and verifying the docking work with business departments.

    Job requirements:

    1. Experience of consulting on line or telephone customer service is preferred;

    2. Familiar with hvac industry environment, with corresponding communication skills and techniques;

    3. Cheerful personality, strong communication skills and data analysis ability;

  • The investment director
    Recruiting numbers:1people
    Release time: 2019-06-11


    1. Responsible for establishing and maintaining project information channels, collecting and screening new project information.

    2. Organize and cooperate with relevant departments to carry out survey, market, planning, municipal supporting conditions and other research work.

    3. Organize and cooperate with relevant departments to participate in project-related meetings (including question-answering meetings organized by the government, etc.), communicate with (cooperative projects) project company shareholders and communicate with project cooperation.

    4. Organized and coordinated marketing, design, contract cost, project management, administration, finance and other departments to carry out market research, planning and positioning, economic benefit analysis and other work.

    5. Prepare project investment opportunity analysis report and submit it to company leaders for approval.

    6. Responsible for the feasibility study of new projects.

    7. Organize and cooperate with relevant departments to carry out due diligence (cooperation and acquisition projects) and formulate land acquisition plans.

    8. Organized and coordinated marketing, design, contract cost, project management, finance and other departments to formulate project planning positioning, planning index, development plan, cost plan, sales plan and other work.

    9. Responsible for the preparation of new project acquisition.


    1. Bachelor degree or above in economic management, real estate management, marketing, etc.

    2. Familiar with real estate project development, investment and financing related professional knowledge and real estate related laws and policies.

    3. At least 3 years of real estate project development experience.

    4. Strong sense of responsibility and professionalism, good sense of service and teamwork, strong sense of confidentiality, and abide by the company's code of conduct.

  • Administrative intern
    Recruiting numbers:5people
    Release time: 2019-06-11

    Responsible for travel ticketing, hotel reservation, visa application, etc.

    Responsible for the management of office environment, fixed assets, office supplies;

    Assist to deal with daily hr administration work;

    Complete other tasks assigned by superior.


    College students, administration, business administration or other management related majors preferred;

    Proficient in using various office software;

    Practical and careful, strong sense of responsibility, good coordination and communication skills;

    At least 4 days per week and 3 months of continuous internship.

  • Engineering technicians
    Recruiting numbers:6people
    Release time: 2019-06-11


    1. Having the air conditioning operation certificate recognized by the state;

    2. During the air conditioning start-up and heating operation season, the air conditioning operator shall be responsible for the operation of air conditioning, boiler and other system equipment in the building, assist in the maintenance of the system equipment, deal with the general faults of the system equipment, and report the problems to the superior in time;

    3. Take part in the maintenance of air conditioning/water supply and drainage equipment and facilities when the air conditioning is not on, and report the problems to the superior in time;

    4. Responsible for monitoring the running condition of air conditioning/boiler system in the building, and adjusting the running parameters of air conditioning according to the external temperature. While keeping the temperature in each air conditioning area in accordance with the specified numerical range, efforts should be made to improve the operating efficiency of air conditioning and reduce the energy consumption of air conditioning operation;

    Job requirements:

    1. Technical secondary school or above, major in engineering;

    2. More than 2 years working experience, with relevant qualification certificate;

    3. Familiar with other engineering maintenance skills;

    4. Proficient in office software.


  • Corporate business project director
    Recruiting numbers:1people
    Release time: 2019-06-11


    1. Responsible for target customer collection, business development and related business contracting of innovative businesses such as neeq, channel business, structured products and equity pledge;

    2. Familiar with corporate finance business, developed various high net worth clients, and explored clients' investment and financing needs;

    3. Explore other innovative business opportunities derived from small and medium-sized enterprises' financial businesses, such as the new third board, corporate bonds and asset securitization;

    4. Keep communication with science and technology parks, collect market information and give feedback in time;

    5. Responsible for all kinds of innovative comprehensive business related work in the otc market;

    6. Other work assigned by the business department.

    Job requirements:

    1. Full-time bachelor degree or above, under the age of 35;

    2. Understand innovative businesses such as neeq, channel business, structured products, trust financing, equity pledge and asset securitization;

    3. Bank or trust background is preferred;

    4. Experience in neeq and innovation projects is preferred;

    5. Love securities industry, strong communication skills and customer development ability, team spirit.

  • The competent administrative
    Recruiting numbers:1people
    Release time: 2019-06-11


    1. Responsible for overall management of comprehensive service business, including personnel echelon construction of small property service team, improvement of organizational ability, business data analysis, result control, etc.

    2. Responsible for all office suppliers, including but not limited to market screening, price negotiation, contract signing, and overall KPI formulation and implementation.

    3. Independently organize or support company-level projects, such as promotion, festival gifts and activities, decoration, etc.

    4. Responsible for all daily operations of the office together with my team mates to ensure orderly and tidy office environment.

    5. Internal team collaboration, cross-departmental collaboration and other related work.


    1. Bachelor degree or above, excellent communication and coordination skills.

    2. At least 3 years of administrative experience in medium or large foreign enterprises or high-tech enterprises, and at least 1 year of direct team management experience (excellent in both refined and framework management thinking is preferred)

    3. Smart and solid, strong anti-frustration ability, good at self-reflection and strong adaptability.

    4. Integrity, determination, positive optimism, sunshine and affinity, strong sense of responsibility and professional quality.

    5. Sensitive to industry trends, current affairs, policies and trends.

  • Business operation and maintenance engineer
    Recruiting numbers:5people
    Release time: 2019-06-11


    1. Support related work of online operation and maintenance;

    2. Responsible for daily fault treatment, need to analyze and locate the cause and solve it;

    3. Responsible for the preparation of online automation tools to improve the efficiency and quality of operation and maintenance;

    4. Deployed and maintained the online environment with configuration tools;

    5. Deal with other matters related to operation and maintenance.

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