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EPC project management  

Project human resource management is a method and ability to manage human resources. Project human resource management is the organizational planning, which can also be seen as the 'deployment' on the battlefield. It is to determine and assign roles, responsibilities and payback relationships in the project. Common approaches include reference to templates for similar projects, human resource management practices, and analysis of stakeholder needs.

Weather, geography and people have long been considered the three most important factors for success. Among them, 'people' is a subjective factor, it appears more important. In soccer, for example, a home fan can even be considered an extra member of the home team. The 'people' factor is also extremely important in project management, because all activities in a project are performed by people. How to give full play to the role of 'people' plays a crucial role in the success or failure of a project. The content of project human resource management is how to play the role of 'people'.

Project human resource management includes procedures that call for the full use of the people involved in the project, including all people involved in the project -- project leaders, customers, individuals contributing to the project, and others described in section 2.2. Figure 1 provides an overview of the following major programs:


9.1 management planning -- determination of written plans and assignment of project tasks, responsibilities and reporting relationships.

9.2 people organization -- getting the human resources needed to work on the project.

9.3 team development -- improve individual and team skills to improve project resources.

These programs interact with each other and with programs in other areas of knowledge. Each program may involve one or more individual or team efforts, depending on the needs of the project. Although the programs listed here are like distinct individual elements, in fact they may overlap or influence each other in ways not detailed here. The interaction of procedures is described in chapter 3, project management procedures.

In the practical process, there are a large number of written requirements for handling interpersonal relations, including:

Leadership communication, negotiation and other key overall management skills described in section 2.4.

Empowerment, morale, guidance, advice, and other topics related to personal relationships.

Team building, conflict resolution and other topics related to dealing with team relationships.

Performance appraisal, recruitment, retention, labor relations, health and safety rules, and other topics related to the management of human resource functions.

Most of the information here is directly applicable to leading and managing project members, and should be familiar to project managers and project management teams. They must also be acutely aware of how this knowledge can be applied to projects. Such as:

The temporary nature of projects means that relationships between individuals and organizations are generally short and new. The project management team must carefully choose management techniques that fit into this transient relationship.

During the project lifecycle, the number and characteristics of the people involved in the project often change as the project moves from one phase to another, resulting in management skills that were effective in one phase becoming ineffective in another. The project management team must be careful to choose management skills that are appropriate for the current needs.

Human resource administration is generally not the direct responsibility of the project management team. However, in order to deepen management efforts, the team must pay enough attention to the necessity of administrative management.

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